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Self Help & Dating Ebooks Center

Welcome to the Self Help Center where you will find all sorts of dating ebooks & reports covering common relationship issues.

One of the problems we have all faced at one time or another in dating and social situations is shyness. Even the most outgoing person can suffer from loss of confidence when they are not sure about the situation they are in.

Over the coming few months My-Dating-Advice.com will bring you a series of self help dating ebooks and reports where you will find everything you need to deal with shyness, increase your self confidence, read body language and become a more happy, confident person not only on dates but in every area of your life in general.

Self confidence is nothing more than believing in your abilities. This really starts with your self esteem, and understanding why you feel the way you do about yourself is a big key in developing self confidence in dating. That is why we are launching the series with a book called Bullet Proof Self Confidence.

Imagine being able to go out in public to a party, walk into the room and people immediately feel your presence.

We have all experienced such a situation. There are certain people who exude self confidence to the point that everyone knows they are in the room and people want to talk to them.

These people have such confidence in themselves it's nearly impossible to shatter it. Our series of self help books and reports are designed to teach you to have that kind of confidence.

In order to become that type of person you must be able to deal with uncertainty regardless of what you perceive the outcome will be.

You may not believe that is possible for you right now, but it is.

Being comfortable with uncertainty is one problem you will overcome and having a confidence in yourself and your abilities is certainly achievable for anyone.

In these ebooks you will learn techniques to help you in many different situations.

Knowing how to relate to people is easy once you have the inner self confidence that comes from knowing who you are and that no one is above you.

When you see yourself as an equal to the person you are talking with your shyness will melt away.

I hope you enjoy these ebooks and refer back to them over and over as your self confidence grows and you become more comfortable with dating and social situations.

Just click on the links below to get an overview of what you will learn in each of the books.

1. Bullet Proof Self Confidence

2. Body Language - The Key To Dating Success

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