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Dating Gift Ideas

A common thing with a lot of people these days is the giving of dating gifts and presents when they meet up with a partner. This random act of kindness can give a lot of pleasure to the other person when it is done from the heart and not done with a feeling of it being expected.

Giving a gift is also a great way to break the ice and to get everyone in a good mood no matter how long you have been together.

In this article we will look at some dating gift ideas you can use when you are going on a date, or even if your just plan on staying in and enjoying each other's company.

1. Flowers

Even on the first date it is common for a man to bring flowers for the lady he will be dating. Regardless of your age, and where you live in the world, flowers make a great dating gift and will score you many good will points with your date.

As your relationship moves on many men make the mistake of losing some of the thoughtfulness and flowers make a great gift even months after your first date. Don't forget that!

2. Wine

Another common dating present is to bring a bottle of wine. If you are going out to a party you can give your date the bottle before you leave or take take it with you to have whilst you are there.

Having the odd glass of wine can also often relax the both of you before you go out and help to ease any uncomfortable feelings if you are on your first date together.

3. Chocolates

A box of chocolates or some candy is a gift that shows how sweet you are. Most women love to get chocolates. This is not a very expensive gift but can score you some brownie points before you head out on a date.

4. Gadgets & Guy Stuff

Historically a woman would not give a gift on a first date, but times are changing and there really is nothing wrong with it.

Most guys I know (including myself) are really into gadgets of one type or another so you could maybe check out some websites and get an unusual toy for him. If you know he smokes then a box of cigars might be a good dating gift idea. Even little things like tickets to a movie, or dinner, could be used for the next date. The cost is not what is important, but rather the thought.

5. Sports & Recreation Gifts

As your relationship progresses you will learn what a man's interests are. Sports are always big, and those hard to get tickets to a professional sporting event or items featuring his favorite team are a direct way to his heart.

If he is a football fan this might be tickets to a college game where he went to school. If you live in an area where there is a pro basketball team, getting court side tickets is a dating gift any man who is a sports fan would love.

6. Jewelry

For a more serious relationship jewelry makes a terrific present. Seasonal gifts are timely and an excuse to come up with something special. During Valentine's Day the man can come up with some beautiful earrings for her. She can give him a nice men's bracelet or chain that will always remind him of her.

7. Food

Does your man like to cook. How about some gourmet steaks that he can throw on the grill. Include a fine bottle of scotch or wine and you do the side dishes why he is grilling the dinner.

8. Gift Certificates

One present that is always timely is a gift certificate. For a women a gift certificate to the local shopping mall makes for a nice day out. So does one to a salon or spa day. Facials, haircut, massage, nails, and tanning make for a day she will never forget.

For a man a gift certificate to a fitness center if he likes to work out. Or maybe a gift certificate to a sports bar for a guys night out.

The internet offers an easy way to buy gifts and gift certificates. You can order online and have it shipped directly to your date to surprise them, or even print off a certificate if you are in a bind for a quick gift idea.

9. Designer Clothes or Shoes

What woman (or man for that matter) doesn't like to receive a trendy item of clothing or a nice pair of shoes from their date or partner. Be sure though, if you choose this idea, to know them well enough to know what sort of fashion they like or you will end up getting something that never sees the light of day!

You could subtley discuss which designers they are in to and which shops they generally buy things from whilst out on your date and then bring something along to your next night out together as a suprise.

Dates offer so many wonderful opportunities to bring a dating present or give a gift. As you get to know the person you are dating the key is to surprise them with some act of kindness when they are least expecting it.

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