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Dating Tips

Thanks for visiting our dating tips web page. Here you will find links you can click on that will lead you to even more tips and information on various different areas of dating.

Dating is fun but, at times, it can be extremely frustrating and there is definitely a science to it.

It may not be rocket science, but being confident and knowing what to do and say does make a difference and could be the thing that develops a date into a relationship.

Here are a few of the dating tips we will go in to in more detail.

Overcome The Stresses Of Single Parent Dating

Single parents tend to have a harder time with dating because it's not only themselves they have to take into consideration. If you are a single parent, find out how to eliminate a lot of these common stresses.

Conversation Topics

You certainly do not want to sound like a robot, but we will give you a few conversation starters to help keep the interaction between you going.

Signs Your Relationship is Getting Worse

There are a few tell-tale lines that can tell you when your relationship is on the decline.

Good date questions

There are things you should ask as you get to know your date. When you are a good listener these questions make sense to ask.

Seduction Tips

Seduction is not always an easy thing to get right but it is quite an important factor both in a relationship and when meeting someone you are attracted to for the first time. Check out our 5 top tips to seduce someone the right way.

Avoiding a bad relationship

No one wants to end up in a bad relationship but unfortunately many people often do. We look at setting some early ground rules to help your dating relationship stay on track.

Body language and flirting

What signals are you sending to get your date's attention. Women are the masters of this. Men are you paying attention?

Romantic date ideas

Here we look at tips on having a romantic date. Where to go. What to do to have that romantic time out you both want.

Romance ideas

Romance is an ongoing thing that takes time and never really stops. Sometimes it is hard to come up with new ideas. We will try and help you by updating this page often.

Pick Up Lines

Whether you are looking for sweet pick up lines, clean pick up lines, corny pick up lines, funny pick up lines or romantic pick up lines you will find everything here to give you the confidence to start a conversation no matter what situation you are in.

We love to hear from our visitors. Please feel free to bookmark our dating tips webpage and then come back to it often. You can contact us at anytime with any questions you may have or visit the Ask Sissy section to view answers to other people's problems.

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