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Fun Stuff

Welcome to the fun stuff homepage.

Dating and the singles scene can be quite an important issue for most people but it does also have a lighter, less serious side to it and, lets face it, who doesn't like to read something amusing, hear a great romance story or generally just have some fun?

Below you will find some links to articles and other interesting stuff to keep you amuzed and entertained.

As always, if you have a story to tell, or would like to see something included here that isn't already, then please feel free to contact us.

Funny Videos

A selection of amusing videos that both myself and other site visitors thought would raise a smile.


Chinese Zodiac

Ever wondered how the position of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac were decided?

Does your personality resemble that of your birth sign?

How about your partner or people you have dated?

What famous people were born under your sign?

Click on the links below to find out.

Chinese Year of the Rat

Chinese Year of the Ox

Chinese Year of the Tiger

Chinese Year of the Rabbit

Chinese Year of the Dragon

Chinese Year of the Snake

Chinese Year of the Horse

Chinese Year of the Goat

Chinese Year of the Monkey

Chinese Year of the Rooster

Chinese Year of the Dog

Chinese Year of the Pig

Romance Stories And Dating Disasters

Here we will look at some genuine stories of love and romance and also sympathise with those that have been through an absolute dating nightmare.

We start the section with Jill's story of finding her online romeo

Jill's story part 1 - Taking The Plunge
Jill's story part 2 - One Date Only

Jill's story part 3 - A Second Date

Jill's story part 4 - New ID, Same People

Jill's story part 5 - Life's Little Suprises

Next up is the story of Tina and her online stalker.

If you aren't aware of the potential dangers involved when you meet someone online you really need to read this...

Tina's story part 1
Tina's story part 2

Tina's story part 3

Tina's story part 4

Have you got a dating story (good or bad) that you think others would like to read about?

If so, get in contact, let us know some brief details and you might even get it published on this page.

Games & Quizzes

So, what sort of a dater are you really?

Take some of our fun quizzes and find out...

Ladies - How Self Confident Are You

We will be adding all types of different things to the Fun Stuff page on a regular basis so make sure to check back often.

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