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Kissing Advice

Welcome to the kissing advice homepage where you will find tips and advice on how to become a better kisser.

Kissing is the act of caressing with your lips and using your lips to touch your partner. When you start dating there is always that question of when is the right time to kiss.

Here at kissing advice we are going to take the art of kissing to a whole new level for you.

Who would have thought kissing could be done better if you actually know what you are doing! Here is some of the advice we will be offering.

Best Kissing Tips

Let's take every possible scenario you could be in and apply it to kissing your date. Tips on how to kiss, where to kiss, when not to kiss, why you kiss, and so on.

More Than Kissing On The First Date?

It's always difficult to know how far to go after a successful first date. We look at whether you should leave it at just a kiss or take things further.

The French Kiss - The Basics Of Tongue Kissing

This does not have to be a tongue bath. Kissing with your tongue can be quite sensual and arousing for both of you.

Couples Kissing

Is there any other kind? Actually a peck on the cheek as a greeting is different from a kiss to your mate.

Creative Kissing Techniques

Many people do not know how to use kissing to their advantage. Creativity means trying different ideas even with kissing.

French Kissing techniques

Put that tongue away until you know what you are doing. There may not be a more exciting type of kiss if you do it right.

French kissing tips

Do you know the right time to French kiss? These tips will help you handle yourself properly when French kissing.

Good Kissing Tips

Almost all of us have had a bad kiss. Kind of like a bad date. Can you leave your date saying, "you are a good kisser?"

Kissing Quiz

Have a little fun on your date and with yourself. Let's find out how much you know about kissing. You may be surprised that you are not a kissing know it all!

Kissing Advice

More detailed than our general home page you are reading now. We will go more into detail and take a look at frequently asked questions about kissing.

French Kissing Demonstrations

Many people are visual learners and we will provide actual demonstrations on how to French kiss correctly.

We love to hear from people who visit our website. Please feel free to bookmark this kissing advice web page and come back to it often.

You can contact us at anytime with any questions or comments you may have.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best information and offer the best kissing advice for both men and women.

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