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Listening Practice #10

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Did you hear about Chris?

No, what happened?

He is completely broke. He lost his job and he is going to lose his house, too.

Oh no! That’s terrible.

I know, I feel bad for him. Speak of the devil! He’s calling me right now! I won’t answer though.

You can answer if you want to! I know you said you had to talk to him. You could kill two birds with one stone right now! Talk to me and him!

No, that’s ok. I will call him later. Besides, I really don’t like his girlfriend and I don’t want to be invited to have dinner with them. She gets on my nerves.


I think she lies when she talks about her life. I take everything she says with a grain of salt. You never know what to believe when talking to her!

Well, I will make sure to be careful around her, then! But don’t jump to conclusions about her… maybe she is a nice person.

You’re right. Maybe I’ll get together with them this weekend to see if I can be friends with her.

Good idea. Good luck.

Thanks. I’ll need it!