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Quiz - Presente Perfecto

1. you have doctor the visited
a) Have you visited the doctor?
b) You have visited the doctor?
c) The doctor have visited you?

2. eaten has she all the pizza
a) She has eaten all the pizza?
b) Has she eaten all the pizza?
c) All the pizza has she eaten?

3. bought a new house have you
a) You have bought a new house?
b) New house have you bought?
c) Have you bought a new house?

4. they have traveled to Italy
a) To Italy they have traveled?
b) They have traveled to Italy?
c) Have they traveled to Italy?

5. yet new movie she has seen
a) Has she seen the new movie yet?
b) Yet has she seen the new movie?
c) The new movie she has seen yet?

6. ever tried you have sushi
a) Tried you ever have sushi?
b) Have you ever tried sushi?
c) Have you tried ever sushi?

7. yet your finished homework you have
a) Your finished homework have you yet?
b) You have yet finished your homework?
c) Have you finished your homework yet?

8. talked have we about my favorite book ever
a) Have we ever talked about my favorite book?
b) Ever have we talked about my favorite book?
c) Ever we have talked about my favorite book?

9. been to Spain he has ever
a) He has ever been to Spain?
b) Has he ever been to Spain?
c) Ever has he been to Spain?

10. you have gone fishing
a) Have you gone fishing?
b) You have gone fishing?
c) You have fishing gone?