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Quiz - Futuro Perfecto

Escriba los participios de los verbos abajo.

1. get

2. make

3. do

4. go

5. have

6. learn

7. write

8. listen

9. watch

10. meet

Complete las oracions con el futuro perfecto.

11. We (meet) his boyfriend before the party next week.

12. They (get) a new car before the baby arrives.

13. I (make) all the plans for the trip before we leave.

14. He (do) everything he can by the time his project finishes.

15. My friends (go) to that country three times by the time I can go one time!

16. I (have) four hours alone by the time they will arrive.

17. The students (learn) all the material before the test.

18. The doctor (write) the prescription for the patient before she goes to the pharmacy.

19. I (watch) all the movies in Spanish before I go on the trip.

20. The group of students (listen) to the professor talking for a long time before the class finishes.