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Quiz - Pasado

Complete las oraciones con el verbo pasado.

1. He (tell) me that I was beautiful.

2. We (put) a new CD in the CD player.

3. It (begin) to rain when we left the theatre.

4. I (stand) outside waiting for you.

5. The teacher (become) angry when the students slept in class.

6. My brother never (let) me play with his toys when we were young.

7. I (see) a huge dog on the sidewalk yesterday.

8. Who (know) you could play guitar so well?

9. My mother's friend (give) me good advice.

10. The man (say) to the woman that he was tired.

11. She (walk) many miles before she got home.

12. He (hold) the girl in his arms.

13. My friend (come) to my house for three hours last week.

14. We (meet) at the basketball game.

15. He (sit) next to the window to see the birds.

16. The little girl (grow) a lot last year.

17. The soldier (send) his wife a letter.

18. I (run) as fast as I could to deliver this to you.

19. You (read) many books in college.

20. The students (understand) everything the teacher taught.