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Quiz - Pasado Perfecto

Escriba los participios para cada verbo.

1. give

2. eat

3. run

4. take

5. drive

6. teach

7. learn

8. walk

9. talk

10. make

Complete las oraciones con el pasado perfecto.

11. He (give) me a ride to school before he got in the car accident.

12. My mother (eat) dinner before I got home.

13. The students (learn) a lot before they took the test.

14. I (talk) to my brother about my new car before my sister told him about it, too.

15. We (walk) ten miles before we realized where we were.

16. The teacher (teach) the students all the information they needed before they took the test.

17. The athletes (run) many miles every day to train for the marathon they were in.

18. I (make) 200 cookies for the party before everyone cancelled.

19. The man (take) his medication to prevent the heart attack.

20. The group of friends (drive) down that road many times, but the last time, they got lost!