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Quiz - Pasado Progresivo

Escriba las formas del verbo "to be" en el pasado

1. I

2. You/You all

3. He/she/it

4. They

5. We

Complete las oraciones con el pasado progresivo.

6. She (do) her homework when I arrived at her house.

7. We (talk) about you before you entered the room.

8. My friend (write) a letter when he heard a strange noise.

9. The computer (load) a file before it crashed.

10. The professor (teach) the class when the bell rang.

11. The children (learn) a lot in school before it closed.

12. The United States (change) in a positive way until he became president.

13. Gary and his daughter (play) in the park when it began to rain.

14. All of the books (fall) to the ground when she suddenly caught them all.

15. Amanda (speak) her second language to the bank teller when he suddenly switched to her native language.