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Quiz - Presente

Complete las oraciones con la palabra correcta.

1. He (go) to sleep early every night.

2. We (run) five miles every morning.

3. I (eat) all the food.

4. The teacher (teach) us a lot of information.

5. My brother always (try) to take my CDs.

6. The computer (work) really well when it is new.

7. My mother (give) me a lot of attention.

8. The cat (walk) slowly behind the mouse.

9. Please (send) me a letter in the mail.

10. The men (build) a tall building.

11. If you want to (pass) this class, you must study.

12. The boss (explain) the new job to the employees.

13. We need to (develop) a fresh idea for our business.

14. The boy (help) me lift the heavy box.

15. I (hope) that I can make enough money in my job.

16. The waiter (serve) the people dinner every day.

17. Susan (stay) with her grandmother every weekend.

18. The baby (fall) down when it tries to walk.

19. I (decide) that I need to return home.