1-language.com's Study Abroad section offers several appealing benefits to language schools wishing to promote their school.

  • We feature a vibrant, active community of language learners. Unlike many other study abroad sites offering course information only, our users come to our site to actually learn English online. Your school becomes part of that experience, adding prestige and exposure to your school.
  • Unbeatable value. We challenge you to find a study abroad service that lets you feature a 2-page school feature (over 2000 words acceptable) for just $10 a month ($120 a year). That's less than many sites would charge for a 3-word link.
  • We've done everything we can to make our study abroad section look outstanding and yet be simple and easy-to-use. This means prospective students receive a great impression of your school, and can find the information they need easily and quickly.

To feature your school you only need to do 3 things.

1. Contact us and send the contents of your 2-page school feature. You can view a live school here. You can submit your info in Microsoft Word, HTML, or any other English text format - all coding is done by us.
Note that:

  • Course prices and dates information should be in a tabled layout, so we can put your data online without difficulty.
  • We encourage schools to send their logo and up to 6 pictures of their school and students. Logos should be large - anything up to 760 pixels wide, and other images should also be of a good size.

    2. Send payment of $180 (preferably by Paypal to admin@1-language.com or Western Union Money Transfer).

    3. Allow up to 10 days for your feature to be live. In most cases your site will be ready within 5 days.


    For more enquiries mail me at: admin@Learn English