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Study English Abroad with Kaplan International Colleges

As one of the world’s largest providers in English language courses and other study abroad programs, Kaplan International Colleges assists thousands of students, just like you, every year. With over 40-year experience in providing English study abroad programs, Kaplan offers more than 40 schools around the world. Read our top 5 reasons to study English with Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan Quality: We have a 91% Recommendation Rate - Our students get a lot more than just great teaching at accredited schools. We also offer structured, personalized courses, gorgeous locations and the chance for students to immerse themselves in another culture. 91% of our students agree! Contact us to find out what else makes the Kaplan experience so remarkable.

40+ Amazing Destinations - Kaplan has schools in English-speaking countries across the world, from the most busy, popular cities to relaxing beachfront towns. We take pride in choosing school facilities that provide the best all-around experience for our students.

Start Anytime, Flexible Length of Study – With over 25 English courses to pick from you can choose your course length, and even add more lessons while you’re studying. Classes start every Monday, so you can join at any time! Our education advisors can help you decide which type of course best fits your needs. Contact them today for more information.

Please visit our site and join us to start your amazing English journey of a life time.

English Language Schools

Our English language schools are located at over 40 different destinations across 7 English-speaking countries around the world:

USA Schools - Our US schools offer everything you could need for studying abroad. Attend a baseball game, see a Broadway musical in New York, hike through the Grand Canyon, eat burgers at a diner, spot celebrities in Hollywood, visit Mickey Mouse in Disney World or the US President at the Whitehouse and ski down the Rocky Mountains. We have schools in Miami, New York, LA, Washington and more…

Australia Schools - Make the most of the stunning scenery, friendly locals and many beaches, go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, watch an art performance at Sydney Opera House, go walking through the rainforest and enjoy the natural wonders in Australia whilst learning English.

UK Schools - From Shakespeare to the Beatles, Stonehenge to Big Ben, attend one of Kaplan International Colleges' English schools in the UK and discover the captivating history and vibrant culture on offer in the United Kingdom

With over 40 English language schools for you to choose from and more than 40 years of experience, you can be assured that we maintain the highest standards of teaching, student care and school facilities. Sounds exciting? Why not join us now at Kaplan International Colleges to take the adventure of a life time? Visit our website now or send us an email for more information.

English Courses

All our English schools are based in modern buildings with state-of-the-art facilities - offering a wide range of courses including:

- General, Intensive and Vacation English

A perfect holiday for you to learn English while sightseeing the destinations during your free time. Enables you to combine English classes with structured study sessions, leaving you time to practice your English during social activities such as sport or excursions with your new friends!

- Business English

In today’s international business environment it is essential that you have good English skills. If you are looking for a job at the moment, Kaplan International Colleges Business courses can help you boost your CV and give you an edge over the competition. If you are already in a career, you will find that our Business English courses will help you in your daily Business dealings, opening doors to new career possibilities.

- Exam preparation programs

Kaplan International Colleges has many years of experience in preparing students for academic success with our specially designed Exam and University Preparation courses and programs. These highly focused exam preparation classes will cover all sections of your chosen exam in detail and teach you the verbal skills and test-taking strategies you will need to succeed

- General or Intensive Academic Year Courses & General or Intensive Academic Semester Courses

For those who are interested in long-term English study abroad and would like to spend time exploring the new city, making new friends under a  new different culture

- University preparation

Students of Kaplan International Colleges avoid the problems many international students experience when trying to gain entry in UK and USA Universities. When you successfully complete one of our University preparation programs you will be guaranteed entry into undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in our UK Partner Universities

- Work and Paid Courses (OPUS)

Perfect for those who are entitled to work under the Working Holiday visa scheme for several employers over a 12 month period and study up to 4 months. 

- Internships

Ideal program enabling students to gain work experience in an English-speaking workplace and to help to add international elements on CV

Kaplan International Colleges understands that enjoying the city you are studying in is just as important as the courses. Our school locations are selected to be close to all forms of entertainment.

Join us now at Kaplan International Colleges to take the adventure of a life time.

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