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Online ESL Alphabet Sheets.

Attractive alphabet sheets for even the toughest toddler.


These worksheets are designed to be printable straight from the Internet and used with minimum difficulty. If you have any problems most of them should be answered here, if not then feel free to post a question at our Forums. Good luck!

Printing from your browser

These worksheets are designed to be printable straight onto A4 paper. To do this simply go to the "File" menu in your browser and click on "Print Preview". If everything looks OK, just click on "Print".

The image doesn't fit on the paper - Editing Margins
In some browsers the right edge of the worksheet image may be off the page when you print. This is because by default most browsers use thick margins when printing. To make the margins thinner, go to the "File" menu, click on "Page Setup", and you will find a section for margin widths - in Internet Explorer they are often set at 19.05 millimeters. Change them to 10 millimetres or so, and the worksheet should fit nicely on the page.

Clearing Unwanted Headers and Footers
Most browsers print extra text at the top and bottom of the page which is often not needed by the user. To remove these go to the "File" menu, click "Page Setup", and clear the "Header" and "Footer" boxes so they are blank. It generally looks much better without them.

Printing only the actual worksheet image
Most worksheets consist of an image with some introductory text above and a copyright notice below. If you want to save only the worksheet image, click the right mouse button on the image, and select "Save As image". You can then easily import it into wordprocessor or graphics software. Please note that you may not distribute the worksheet image in any form other than its original form as downloaded from 1-language.com. This particularly includes the copyright banner at the bottom of each worksheet image.

Copyright Restrictions
You can use these worksheets freely and are encouraged to distribute them for personal and educational use. The following restrictions apply:

1.You must distribute the worksheet exactly as is with no modification. You may remove (but not change) the HTML/text above and below the main worksheet image, but each worksheet image itself must be unaltered, especially the 1-language.com copyright banner at the bottom.

2. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited without permission from the author, and infringements of this restriction will be pursued to the full extent of the law. These materials are for everyone!

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us at worksheets@Learn English

Many Thanks for Using the ESL Alphabet Sheets from 1-language.com.

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