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1. Contractions

Many verbs have short forms which are used particularly in spoken English. For example: "I am happy today" = "I'm happy today". The short forms of the verb "to be" are as follows:


I am = I'm

You are = You're

He is = He's

She is = She's

It is = It's


We are = We're

You are= You're

They are = They're

Be careful not to confuse it's with its. It's means "it is", but its is a possessive form we'll study later.

2. Negative Contractions - Simple Present Verb "to be"

There are two main short forms for the negative of the verb "to be": "You are" becomes "You're not" or "you aren't". For example:

- She is not happy = She isn't happy = She's not happy.
- We are not singers = We aren't singers = We're not singers

The short forms for the negative verb "to be" are as follows:


I am not = I'm not = I amn't*

You are not = You're not = You aren't

He is not = He's not = He isn't

She is not = She's not = She isn't

It is not = It's not = It isn't


We are = We're not = We aren't

You are= You're not = You aren't

They are = They're not = They aren't

* "I am" Negative Contraction

You can say "I am not", and you can say "I'm not", but you can't say "I amn't".

3. Negative Contractions - Simple Present

Simple Present negatives contract in two ways: "do not" becomes "don't" and "does not" becomes "doesn't". For example:

- Statement: I do not like pizza = I don't like pizza.
- Questions: He does not drive a car = He doesn't drive a car.

And just in case you need it, here's a table of Simple Present contractions.


I do not = I don't

You do not = You don't

He does not = He doesn't

She does not = She doesn't

It does not = It doesn't


We do not = We don't

You do not = You don't

They do not = They don't

Now give some exercises a try!

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