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Unit 37: Grammar Exercises

Complete the sentences using a gerund or an infinitive.

Example: I strongly suggest _____ an attorney on hand before signing a contract to buy a home.
a) having b) to have - The answer is: a) having

1. Do all of us need _____?
a) going b) to go

2. Beth promised _____.
a) writing b) to write

3. Joe doesn't mind _____ by himself.
a) working b) to work

4. Carol and her husband seem _____ the perfect life.
a) having b) to have

5. Do you really enjoy _____ to work on Monday morning?
a) going b) to go

6. After eating its fill, the monkey decided _____ home some food.
a) carrying b) to carry

7. The higher return you hope to achieve, the more you must risk _____.
a) losing b) to lose

8. When Nick lived in Asia, he missed _____ Christmas with his family.
a) celebrating b) to celebrate

9. I vehemently dislike _____ with morons, screw-ups, deadbeats, crooks, and liars.
a) dealing b) to deal

10. Although Susan has a good job, she can't afford _____ out of her parents' house.
a) moving b) to move

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