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Unit 64: Grammar Exercises

Example: He runs ______ than I do.

a) quickly
b) more quickly

The answer is: B) more quickly

1. Maria speaks English ____ than I do.
a) more good
b) better

2. He finished the test _____ than I did.
a) more quickly
b) more quicker

3. Jacob runs ____ than Henry does
a) faster
b) more faster

4. Yuck, this tastes ____ than it smells!
a) worse
b) more bad

5. They are repairing this street _____ than they repaired Main Street.
a) slowly
b) more slowly

6. She speaks English _____.
a) well
b) more well

7. Diego speaks Italian _____ than I do.
a) better
b) more goodly

8. He walked much ______ than he needed to.
a) far
b) further

9. This will end _____ if you do not make those changes.
a) badly
b) more bad

10. The reader can understand the directions ______ with a good tutorial.
a) easier
b) more easily

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