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  • Hot-Warm-Cold
    Based on a popular children's game. Hide five candies in the classroom. Students must ask questions about where they are, for example, "Is it under the desk?", or "Is it next to the window?" If the student's guess is near a candy, answer "hot". If the student's guess is quite near, answer "warm". And if the student's guess is not near a candy, answer "cold". Using your answers students must find the location of the candies. Be careful that students don't become tempted to get up and just hunt for the candies themselves! Great preposition practice for younger learners.

    As a variation, students can imagine they are in a picture from a book, eg. the coursebook. Or you can use a time, eg. "Is it 5.00 p.m.?" - "Cold" - "Is it 9.00 a.m." - "Warm", ...

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