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  • Story Game
    Give each student a piece of blank of paper. Students must write the name of a man or male group at the top of the paper. Then, students fold the top of the paper so that the name can't be seen, and pass the paper to the next student.
    Next, students write a girl's name on the paper they just received from the previous student. They fold the paper again so the girl's name can't be seen, and pass the paper to the next student.
    The students then write where the man and woman meet, what the man says, what the woman says, and what happens next. After each new piece of information, they fold the paper to hide their response and pass it to the next student.
    Once they have written what happens next (the last piece of information), students can look at the whole paper, and read their story. For example:

    MAN (meets)

    WOMAN (at)


    HE SAYS: ("Student's idea")

    SHE SAYS:( "Student's idea")

    WHAT DO THEY DO NEXT? (Student's idea)

    Encourage students to write in whole sentences, and if they can't read it out well to the class, help them. Most stories will be inevitably funny for the students.

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