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  • "Touch" Game
    So-called by many Asian students, simply write a selection of words on the board. Split the class into 2 teams. Have one student from each team come forward next to the teacher, one on each side. Say "3,... 2,... 1,..." then a word on the board. Students have to "touch" or hit, the correct word with their hand. The first to touch the correct word gets a point for their team. Great for younger learners.

    For really elementary ones, just use letters of the alphabet not words, or write the alphabet on the board and students must touch the first letter of the word you give. If there is a problem determining who touches first, have the rule that they must touch the board, then run back to the teacher and slap his/her hand, one hand for each team. For extra fun, students must spin round two times before touching the word, or the teacher can call words of objects or people that aren't actually on the board, so they are looking verywhere. Very popular.

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