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Translation Resources

  • Lingo 24 Translation Services - Translation company Lingo24 offers the best language translation services on the web.
  • Claritaslux Language Learning Software - Download a language to your brain! Innovative software that teaches languages in an accelerated fashion. We were inspired to write this software for all those who thought they did not have the gift to learn languages.
  • Russian Translation USA - Translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages. We offer technical, scientific, financial, legal, medical translations, website and software localization, translation of business/personal correspondence. We also provide interpreter assisted 3-way calling services.
  • Accurate English to Russian Translation UK - English to Russian translation service by native, specialist Russian translators for businesses and individuals. Competitive rates, custom packages, friendly service, based in the UK.
  • ABC Swedish Translation Ltd - Quality translations offered by native Swedish translators. Efficient service together with competitive prices.
  • Ea- Translation and Training - As a translation agency, Ea covers almost all areas of specialisation, since we work with translators highly experienced in each translation field. We also work in permanent collaboration with professionals in each field.
  • English to Spanish Translator - Freelance translation services into neutral Spanish or localized for Spain. Translation of texts and websites.
  • English-Spanish Translations - English-Spanish Translations offers information, resources and services to those looking for resources related to English to Spanish Translations and Spanish to English Translations.
  • English to Portuguese Translation and Localization Services - Professional English to Portuguese translator with vast experience and expertise in a wide array of file formats. Competent with both technical and non-technical assignments. ATA member. Brazilian Portuguese mother-tongue. Quality English to Portuguese.
  • Automotive Translation - Vous rédigez avec talent en francais et connaissez l'anglais? Si vous avez un PC avec Word, Acrobat Reader et Zip, relie a Internet et que vous tapez au clavier à une bonne vitesse; si vous pouvez consacrer une ou deux heures par jour à l'étude penda...
  • - German database of freelancers in the publishing field with over 1,800 entries and growing.
  • Italian Talk - Italian translation service with expertise in web pages, training manuals, books, commercial and personal communication, product documentation, press releases, advertising, newspaper/magazine articles and more.