Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 10

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Which kinds of books do you like to read? Choose from the following:

- novels, history books, travel books, religion, philosophy, crafts, cookery, poetry, biography, autobiography, gardening, do-it-yourself.

Are there others you like?

2. Script

Jack: What's that you are reading?

Mieko: It's a novel but it's not very good.

Jack: I can't read on a train. I can't concentrate.

Mieko: I like to read a lot.

Jack: So do I, when I am not travelling.

Mieko: So what kind of books do you enjoy?

Jack: I like non-fiction best, books about travels or science.

Mieko: I like fiction but non-fiction too. There is a good library where I live.

Jack: My library is small but they will order books for me. I am studying twentieth century history at the moment.

Mieko: I am studying to be a doctor. The books are very expensive.

Jack: Yes, even on the Internet books aren't cheap.

Mieko: No, but you have to buy them or you can't learn the work. What do you study?

Jack: History and philosophy. Not much good for a job but very interesting. But I like to read popular books about science, and especially about astronomy.

Mieko: Is that your hobby?

Jack: Yes, a bit. But my main hobby is climbing mountains.

Mieko: Is that why you like books about travel?

Jack: Yes, I like to know about strange places.

Mieko: I don't think I would want to climb mountains but I would like to read about them.

Jack: I like to read biographies too and autobiographies about people's lives.

Mieko: Does that help your history and philosophy?

Jack: Yes, it does. Reading about other people helps you to understand their mistakes. You can learn a lot from other people.

Mieko: I like to read the classic novels, Charles Dickens, Tolstoy, and more modern ones like John Steinbeck. They knew about life.

Jack: I agree. Perhaps I'll see you in the college library sometime. I'll probably be in the history section.

Mieko: And I'll probably be in the medical one. Here's our stop. See you soon!