Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 11

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1) Why has Mr Fuentos come to see Mrs Foster?
a) Because he wants his daughter to make friends at school.
b) Because he is worried about Alita's English.
c) Because he wants to study English.

2) What does Mrs Foster think is the first thing to be done?
a) To invite children to Alita's home.
b) To stop Alita being shy.
c) To encourage Alita to do dance and make friends.

3) How will Mrs Foster help Mr Fuentos?
a) By inviting him to a parents' evening and to speak in the classroom.
b) By telling the children not to laugh at Adila.
c) By telling the children to ask Adila questions.

4) Why does Mr Fuentos want to try to speak to the class?
a) Because it will help him to speak better English.
b) Because it will help Alita.
c) Because he will be able to meet the other children.

5) How will Alita become one of the school community?
a) The other children will learn about the way she lives.
b) The other children can ask Alita to play with them.
c) Alita should learn better English.

Post-Listening Exercise

Think about your friends. How are they different from you? How much do you know about the way they live and what they think? Do the differences make your friendship more interesting?