Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 12

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1) How did Bill pay for the concert tickets?
a) He borrowed some money from a friend.
b) He has just had a birthday.
c) He asked for some birthday money in advance.

2) Why will Ken and Sally not join them?
a) Because they prefer different kinds of music.
b) Because they have gone away.
c) Because it is too expensive.

3) Why is there a great atmosphere at the Proms?
a) Because there are a lot of young people together.
b) Because classical music is good for you.
c) Because everyone is energetic.

4) Why is classical music played in different places?
a) To make everyone calm.
b) To create the right atmosphere for the people who go there.
c) Because there will be lots of children present.

5) What is Susan's problem?
a) She doesn't like NSync.
b) She can't decide what to wear.
c) She wants to get some money to buy new clothes.

Post-Listening Exercise

Choose a piece of music you like very much. How does it make you feel? Find as many adjectives or phrases as you
can to describe your feelings, eg. happy, sad, thoughtful, excited.