Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 12

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Choose from the following:-
jazz, classical, folk, pop, reggae, gospel, choral.
Can you think of others? Which do you like? Which do you not like? Can you say why you prefer some to others?

2. Script

Bill: I've got them!

Susan: Got what?

Bill: The tickets of course.

Susan: You don't mean...?

Bill: Yes, for NSync!

Susan: But they are so expensive!

Bill: Well, it's my birthday next week so I asked for some money in advance.

Susan: That's fantastic! What a night it will be, loads of people and a great atmosphere. Can we make a day of it?

Bill: Go to London in the morning? That would be good, have some nice food, see some sights and then on to Wembley at night.

Susan: Brilliant! Do we know anyone else who is going?

Bill: I can't think of anyone. It isn't really Ken and Sally's scene. They prefer jazz or classical.

Susan: Yea, they're Ok but I don't know so much about them.

Bill: Have you ever been to the Proms?

Susan: No, I haven't. I've seen them on television though. There's a great atmosphere there too.

Bill: I suppose it's because there are a lot of young people together. Everyone wants to have a good time so they just do.

Susan: Being with a crowd makes a difference, doesn't it?

Bill: Classical music is supposed to be very good for you, though. They say it's good for children to listen to it.

Susan: It can make you feel calm or energetic. They play it on stations and in shopping malls and restaurants, don't they, to create the right atmosphere for the people in those places?

Bill: Poor old Mozart would probably turn in his grave.

Susan: They use it for adverts too.

Bill: Well, I like to just sit and listen sometimes. There will never be anything quite like those composers again. I often listen to them on the radio.

Susan: And I'd like to try a jazz session for a change.

Bill: And what about folk music? There are some great clubs you can go to.

Susan: Well, our concert will be fine for me just now. The only problem is, what shall I wear?

Bill: It doesn't matter.

Susan: Oh yes it does! I'll have to try to get some money from somewhere as well.

Bill: Well, don't look at me!