Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 13

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1) Why will they soon be able to see the island?
a) Because it is very near.
b) Because it is a clear day.
c) Because it is so large.

2) Why do visitors go to the island?
a) Because it is an easy journey.
b) To see the people who live there.
c) To visit the old castle and houses.

3) Why does Navid ask Fatima if she is okay?
a) Because the boat is rocking, which can make people sick.
b) Because she is feeling ill.
c) Because the weather is stormy.

4) Where can you buy things?
a) On the island.
b) On the boat.
c) On the boat and on the island.

5) Why will families with children have to be careful?
a) Because the gangway is dangerous.
b) Because there are lots of stairs on the boat.
c) Because there are lots of narrow steps on the island.

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of a trip you have made on a boat or any other kind of transport. Try to describe it. Why was it special?