Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 13

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Have you ever been to an island? How did you travel there?
Did you enjoy the trip? What method of travel do you like best?

2. Script

Fatima: It's a beautiful day but so hot!

Navid: It will be cooler on the water.

Fatima: Yes, I can feel the breeze now. This was a lovely idea.

Navid: I'm so glad you like boats.

Fatima: I've never been on a boat like this before. How far is it to the island?

Navid: It takes about an hour. It is a clear day so you will see it soon.

Fatima: Does anyone live there?

Navid: Only in the summer when visitors go to see the castle and the houses where people lived a long time ago. In the winter I suppose people might go sometimes but not to stay.

Fatima: I expect the weather can be very stormy in the winter.

Navid: Yes, and the journey can be dangerous.

Fatima: The boat is rocking a bit now.

Navid: Do you feel okay?

Fatima: Oh yes, I won't be sick.

Navid: Later on, the guide will tell us about the island on the loudspeaker.

Fatima: And perhaps we can buy souvenirs when we get there.

Navid: Yes, there's a little shop. You can buy things on the boat too. Would you like a drink?

Fatima: Oh, yes please. Can you get me a Pepsi?

Navid: Sure. I'll see what they have. You stay here.

Fatima: Hang on for a moment. Look at those beautiful birds. We are in the middle of the water now. You can see the coast on both sides.

Navid: The birds make such a noise.

Fatima: No more than the children! There are a lot of families here, aren't there?

Navid: Yea, it's a nice trip for them but they'll need to be careful when they get there. There are lots of narrow steps.

Fatima: I found stepping on to the boat quite difficult. The gangway moves about so much. Then we had to climb up here on to the deck.

Navid: I like it up here best though, don't you? The engine makes a noise downstairs and it's too warm.

Fatima: I'd be happy to stay here for hours.

Navid: I'll go and get the drinks now. Afterwards we can walk around a little.

Fatima: I just can't wait to get there!