Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 14

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1) How does Michele find what bus to take?
a) By asking Andrew.
b) By looking at the bus stop.
c) By looking at the map.

2) What does the time-table tell her?
a) How long she will have to wait.
b) Where the bus stop is.
c) How often the buses come.

3) Why does Andrew want to sit downstairs?
a) Because it is easier to get off the bus.
b) Because the driver tells him to.
c) Because Michele does not want to climb the stairs.

4) Why should Michele have bought a day ticket?
a) Because she does not have much change.
b) Because it's cheaper.
c) Because you need it to take the bus.

5) Why does Andrew think the bus is more interesting than the underground?
a) Because it takes a long time to travel.
b) Because you have a good view of the city.
c) Because its faster.

Post-Listening Exercise

Imagine you are on your own bus journey. What do you see as you travel along? Describe your journey to a friend or to a group.