Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 14

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Think of a bus journey you make regularly or invent one.
Try to write or speak about it in sentences, using the following words:-

bus stop, time-table, fare, conductor, driver, bell, ticket.

2: Script

Michele: Excuse me, is this the right stop for St. Paul's cathedral?

Andrew: Yes, it is. There is a map here which tells you the number of the bus.

Michele: Oh, yes, I see. So, the number 8 bus goes to St. Paul's?

Andrew: That's right. And it tells you on the time-table how often they go. I am going in that direction. I'll tell you when to get off.

Michele: That's very kind of you.

Andrew: No problem. The driver will tell you if you ask but they sometimes forget.

Michele: Look, here comes the bus now.

Andrew: Let's sit downstairs, it's easier to get off.

Michele: Thank you. Is it a long ride?

Andrew: Yes, it is quite far but you will see a lot. Have you got a ticket?

Michele: No, I haven't. Should I have bought one?

Andrew: Well, it's cheaper if you buy a ticket for the day. But don't worry, you can pay on the bus.

Michele: Only problem is, I don't have much change for the fare.

Andrew: Don't give him a large note. He won't like it. Give him coins if you can.

Michele: I've got one or two. Oh look! There's the Houses of Parliament!

Andrew: You get a good view from the bus. It's more interesting than the Underground but, of course, it takes much longer.

Michele: Well, I've got plenty of time.

Andrew: Here's the ticket man now. One to St. Paul's, please... There you are, I'll get it for you.

Michele: Let me give you the money. I'm so glad I met you.

Andrew: And I'm glad I met you. In fact, I think I'll take a trip to St. Paul's as well. I can 'phone and cancel my other business. We'll ring the bell in a minute. Do you mind if I join you?

Michele: Not at all, but let's have a coffee first. Then we'll be proper tourists!