Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 1

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1) Why is Paul tired?
a) Because he is thirsty
b) Because he has been shopping
c) Because he is overworked.

2) Why does Paul take sugar?
a) Because he needs energy
b) Because he is old
c) Because he prefers coffee

3) When does Jenny like to have tea?
a) When there are cakes to eat
b) When she is thirsty
c) When she has been shopping

4) Why does Paul say he is overworked?
a) Because Jenny is unkind to him
b) Because he is too thin
c) Because he is making a joke

5) Why does Jenny fetch tissues and forks?
a) Because she is very fussy
b) Because she does not want to wash dishes
c) Because her fingers are sticky

Post-Listening Exercise

Why do you think tea-drinking is so popular in the United
Kingdom? Remember that the British had an empire in India.
Make up a sentence or sentences to explain the connection.