Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 1

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

In which countries is drinking tea important?
Choose from the following list:

China, France, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, India, Germany.

Make sentences beginning:

Drinking tea is important in ___ because .....

Try to think of different reasons.

2. Script

Jenny: Would you like a cup of tea?

Paul: I'd love one. All that shopping has made me tired.

Jenny: I'll put the kettle on. You put the shopping away.

Paul: Let's have tea first. I'm exhausted.

Jenny: Here you are then, mugs, milk, sugar. Would you like a biscuit?

Paul: Let's have one of those nice doughnuts we bought.

Jenny: Well, you'll have to get them out of the bag. Here's your tea.

Paul: Two spoonfuls of sugar today. I need the energy.

Jenny: Poor thing! I must say though, it's nice to be home.

Paul: What would we do without a cup of tea?

Jenny: Drink coffee, I suppose.

Paul: Coffee sometimes makes me more thirsty.

Jenny: Yes, you're right. Tea is better when you're really thirsty.

Paul: Give me one of those doughnuts.

Jenny: You'll get fat.

Paul: No, I won't. You work me too hard.

Jenny: They do look good, don't they?

Paul: Mmm! Lots of jam in them too.

Jenny: My fingers are sticky. I'll get some tissues and some forks.

Paul: You'd better hurry or they'll all be gone.

Jenny: Coming! Here you are. You can wash the dishes.

Paul: A small price to pay. After all, you make a great cup of tea.