Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 2

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1) Is the customer happy about the garden?
a) No, she does not want to share.
b) Yes, she likes the flowers.
c) Yes, she is happy to share.

2) Why does the agent think the carpet is attractive?
a) It has nice colors.
b) It is in good condition.
c) It is easy to clean.

3) What does the customer notice first about the kitchen?
a) It is a good place to have meals.
b) It is quite small.
c) It has lots of furnishings.

4) What is included with the apartment?
a) All the furnishings and a shared garden.
b) Only the furnishings which are fixed and a shared garden.
c) The garden but no furnishings.

5) Is the apartment expensive?
a) No, it is cheaper than downtown.
b) Yes, because it has only a few furnishings.
c) The customer will have to compare prices in the district.

Post-Listening Exercise

Make sentences for all the reasons you would like the apartment.
Then make sentences for all the reasons you would not like it. Decide whether you would take it or not.