Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 2

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise
How would you find a room, flat or house to rent or buy?
Make sentences using one of the following verbs:
visit, read, look at, search
a) I would ___ the newspaper.
b) I would ___ an estate Agent.
c) I would ___ the Internet.
d) I would ___ the cards in the newsAgent's window.

2. Script

Agent: I'm sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long?

Customer: No, I've only just arrived.

Agent: Oh, good. Now, here are the keys. Let's go in.
There are two apartments. The one for rent is upstairs.

Customer: Is there a garden?

Agent: Yes, you'll share the garden at the back.

Customer: That's fine.

Agent: Do come in.

Customer: Thank you. I like the carpet.

Agent: The colors are nice, aren't they? This apartment is in good condition. Here is your lounge.

Customer: Where would we eat?

Agent: There is this corner here or you can use your kitchen. Come and see.

Customer: The kitchen is quite small.

Agent: Yes, but it has everything, cooker, fridge, washing-machine, even a dishwasher.

Customer: And there are lots of cupboards.

Agent: Let me show you the bedrooms. This is the smaller one.

Customer: It's a good size though. Is all the furniture included?

Agent: Only what is fixed. You will have to provide tables, chairs and beds.

Customer: That's a lot.

Agent: You can buy things cheaply from second-hand shops or at auction.

Customer: What's an auction?

Agent: It's where the person who offers the highest price buys the article.

Customer: Is that a crack in the ceiling there?

Agent: Yes, I'm afraid it is but it can easily be repaired. I will see to that. Come into the other bedroom. You can see the bathroom too.

Customer: Yes, it is very nice but I will have to ask my friend first and we will come together. I understand it is eight hundred dollars a month.

Agent: Yes. But a few blocks downtown would be much more expensive.

Customer: Well, thank you. I will be in touch.