Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 3

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Going to the seaside is still very popular in the United Kingdom. Think of something which is popular in your country, especially for children.

Complete the following sentences:
In my country we enjoy ___.
Children like to ___ and the adults take pleasure in ___.
It is a ___ day out for everyone.

2. Script

Dad: This is a nice place here.

Mum: Yes, it's not too crowded. This is a lovely beach.

Dad: It's nicer when there's lots of sand and not pebbles.

Mum: Are the children safe?

Dad: Yes, there's someone looking after them at the pool. You can see them over there.

Mum: It's good that they have that little pool for children.

Dad: Later on we'll take them to the amusement park.

Mum: They are not going on the big wheel!

Dad: No, they're too small for that. But they can go on the merry-go-round.

Mum: I know, you just want to go on it yourself!

Dad: I love the merry-go-rounds, and the bumper cars are good too.

Mum: Me too. There's a great adventure playground for them as well.

Dad: And when they've had their time in the pool with the instructor I'll take them down to the sea and they can paddle.

Mum: Let's have our picnic first.

Dad: That's a good idea. They they can have burgers and fries for their dinner.

Mum: There is so much to do here!

Dad: Thank heavens it's a lovely day.

Mum: If it had rained we wouldn't have come.

Dad: No, we might have gone to the cinema. Now they'll go home so tired they'll fall asleep and we'll have a good night's rest.

Mum: I wouldn't be so sure!

3. Post-Listening Exercise

Make a list of all the things the children were able to do. Can you think of more things they might have done? Choose which you would like best if you were a child.