Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 4

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1) Why does Jasmine want a dog?
a) Because Sophy has just got one.
b) Because she likes dogs best.
c) Because she has always wanted one.

2) Why does Dad think a puppy is not suitable?
a) Because Mum does not want one.
b) Because he does not like dogs.
c) Because it makes a lot of work and their apartment is too small.

3) Why is it easier for Sophy to have a puppy?
a) Because Sophy has a bigger house and garden.
b) Because Sophy's parents have more time.
c) Because Sophy can take him for walks.

4) Why does Jasmine decide she would like a guinea-pig?
a) Because she does not like hamsters.
b) Because guinea-pigs are bigger than hamsters.
c) Because guinea-pigs are easier to look after.

5) Why must you be careful how you feed guinea-pigs?
a) Because they will eat anything.
b) Because they are not friendly.
c) Because they have delicate stomachs.

Post-Listening Exercise

Select from the following list:
goldfish, cat, cow, horse, mouse, pig, tiger, deer, sheep, lion, yak, dog

a) Which could you have for a pet?
b) Which are domesticated animals which you would be unlikely to have as a pet?
c) Which are wild animals?