Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 5

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1) Why does Jody like going to the supermarket?
a) Because it sells good food.
b) Because it is nearer.
c) Because it is cheaper than the local store.

2) Why did they add five dollars ninety cents to their supermarket bill?
a) Because Jody bought a book of stamps.
b) Because they bought a lot of nice things.
c) Because they bought a book of stamps and posted a letter.

3) Why did Jody think it was a good idea to buy the strawberries and cream?
a) Because they work hard and deserve them.
b) Because they were cheap.
c) Because her friends like strawberries.

4) Why does Jody think the chicken is good value?
a) Because she can make three meals with it.
b) Because she likes cooking.
c) Because it was cheap.

5) When will Hans and Jody eat their strawberries and cream?
a) Before they eat the fish.
b) After Jody has cooked the chicken.
c) After the fish but before cooking the chicken.

Post-Listening Exercise

Make up sums of your own using the following words:
plus, minus, times, altogether, divided, multiplied, equals.

Think of items you would buy in a store and make up a bill.
Practise the numbers by writing them in words as well as figures.