Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 5

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Use the following words to complete the sentences:
plus, minus, times, altogether, divided, multiplied, equals

a) Seventeen ___ five ___ twenty-two.

b) ___ we have collected five hundred pounds for the charity.

c) Thirty-two ___ six ___ twenty-six.

d) Eight ___ by seven ___ fifty-six.

e) One hundred ___ by ten ___ ten.

f) Four ___ three ___ twelve.

2. Script

Jody: OK, put the bags in the kitchen. I want to add up what we've spent.

Hans: I think we've spent too much.

Jody: Well, it's better to have good food than to buy cheap things. And the supermarket is cheaper than the local store.

Hans: But then we have to travel further.

Jody: I still think it makes sense.

Hans: Well, let's see what we've got. Have you got the receipts?

Jody: Yes, here they are. Remember, we went to the Post Office as well. I bought a book of twelve stamps, that was three dollars fifty cents.

Hans: And we posted Ingrid's airmail letter.

Jody: Yes, that was quite expensive, two dollars forty cents.

Hans: So we need to add on five dollars ninety cents to our supermarket bill.

Jody: We bought a lot of nice things though. Look at these lovely strawberries.

Hans: How much were they?

Jody: One ninety-nine.

Hans: We bought cream to go with them. That was a bit much.

Jody: Only eighty cents for a big carton. We deserve it. We work hard.

Hans: I'll have to work even harder to stay slim!

Jody: You look great! Let's look at the receipt. The washing-powder was on special offer.

Hans: Yes, that was a bargain. Three dollars thirty-eight for that large box. The chicken was expensive, six dollars seventy-nine pence.

Jody: But it will last for three days. I can make a
lemon chicken, some curry and there will be some left over for salad. Three meals!

Hans: You're a great cook. That helps a lot.

Jody: Thanks. I like cooking. When I look at the list I think we've done quite well. Almost 20 bucks, but we've got several good meals, some treats, fruit, and things for the house.

Hans: And the frozen things will last a long time. The fish was only two dollars thirty cents.

Jody: Let's have that now. I'll cook the chicken later - after we've had the strawberries and cream!