Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 6

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1) Why does Alex think that Tebogo should eat more breakfast?
a) Because coffee is not good for her.
b) Because she needs to eat enough before she goes to work.
c) Because he knows she really likes a large breakfast.

2) Does Alex have time to cook his breakfast?
a) No, there are too many things.
b) No, because he wants toast as well.
c) Yes, if Tebogo helps him.

3) Why does Tebogo not like breakfast?
a) Because she does not eat very much.
b) Because she does not like steak.
c) Because she is not hungry in the morning.

4) Why does Alex decide to have his big breakfast on Sunday?
a) Because he will have more time.
b) Because then Tebogo can make it.
c) Because then he can have a continental breakfast.

5) Why does Alex choose to have only a coffee now?
a) He doesn't like breakfast.
b) He's going to have a sandwich at eleven o'clock.
c) He wants to go back to sleep.

Post-Listening Exercise

What kind of breakfast do you like best? Write down the items you like and say why you like them. Form your sentences by writing 'I like ... because...'.