Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 7

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1) Why does Sarah ask Mike to drive more slowly?
a) Because they are lost.
b) Because she needs time to look at the map.
c) Because they have almost arrived.

2) In which direction will they go when they leave the freeway?
a) Towards Seattle.
b) To the bridge.
c) To a restaurant.

3) What do they have to do when they see the road repairs?
a) They must go a different and longer way.
b) They have to go back.
c) They have to find an intersection.

4) What direction must they take at the road repairs?
a) Straight on.
b) Right and then left at the bridge.
c) Left and then right at the bridge.

5) Where is Maria's house?
a) In the main street of the town.
b) In a narrow road.
c) On Orchard Street.

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of a place for which you can give directions. Write down the directions or draw a small map. Mark the starting-place and the finishing point and write the correct words or phrases, for example, first right, third left, straight on, etc. Ask someone else to see if they can follow your instructions.