Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 7

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

Put the following words into short sentences: right, left, towards, roundabout, traffic lights, map, motorway. Can you think of any other words to help you find
your way?

2. Script

Sarah: Please don't go too fast. I must look at the map.

Mike: I think we're quite near.

Sarah: We need to leave the freeway at the next junction.

Mike: Where does that go?

Sarah: Towards Seattle. After that we should go left at the first intersection.

Mike: Here is the sign for Seattle now.

Sarah: Great! We don't want to be late.

Mike: No, they'll be wondering where we are.

Sarah: We took a long time to eat and get ready.

Mike: Yep, well, here we are now.

Sarah: And here is the intersection. It says Tacoma.

Mike: That's the way.

Sarah: Maria's house is still quite far. We should turn right very soon.

Mike: There is a sign there.

Sarah: Yea, that's the one. But look, there are some road repairs. We'll have to take a different way.

Mike: Then let's go straight on.

Sarah: No, we turn right and then, look, we turn left again at the bridge.

Mike: I hope it's not too far.

Sarah: This road is very narrow. Shall we go back?

Mike: No, follow the directions. There's another sign ahead.

Sarah: Go right again then. Oh look, here is the main street. Maria's road is on the left.
She said it was on Orchard Street, number 29.

Mike: Nearly there. We won't be late - I heard it's going to be a great party!