Learn English - ESL Listening Center - Easy 8

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1. Pre-Listening Exercise

What is your favourite McDonald's meal? Can you say why? How many names of things in your local McDonald's can you remember?

2. Script

James: I'm starving.

Cody: So am I. But we don't have much money.

James: We have enough for McDonald's.

Cody: That would be great. I could eat a Big Mac set.

James: Sounds good. Are we going, then?

Cody: Sure. I know what I'm going to have.

James: What's that?

Cody: A Fillet-o-Fish set. It's not quite so fatty
as a Big Mac.

James: Well if you want low-fat food you'd best go someplace else. High calories, low nutrition, that's McDonalds.

Cody: Yea, well they taste pretty good, don't they?

James: The unhealthy stuff usualy does. Hey, I think we'll have to go upstairs, there's no space here.

Cody: OK. There's plenty of room up here, and
it's no smoking in McDonald's.

James: You stay here, and I'll go order.

Cody: Take your time! I'm hungry but I'm tired as well.

James (returns): OK. Fish for you, Big Mac for me. That's what you wanted, right?

Cody: That's great. They do a lot of different things now, don't they? There are pasta salads, Mexican burgers, all sorts of things. I remember that in Japan you could buy teriyaki burgers and everything.

James: Yes, I expect there are variations in other countries, things like noodles and even curry perhaps. Anyway, I'm going to have an apple pie or McFlurry afterwards.

Cody: Well, if you do, I will too. That will keep us going for a while.

James: Yup, McDonald's sure helps when your short on time and money.

Cody: And it's a great place to meet your friends too. Hey, look over there! - It's Karen!