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Tyler: Hello, my name's Tyler, Tyler Saunders.

Sylvia: Hi, I'm Sylvia, Sylvia Wang.

Tyler: Nice to meet you, Sylvia.

Sylvia: Nice to meet you too, Tyler.

Tyler: How are you doing today?

Sylvia: I'm okay, thanks, how are you?

Tyler: I'm fine, thanks.

Sylvia: So, your family name is Jones?

Tyler: What? Family name?

Sylvia: Yeah, family name...Jones.

Tyler: Oh, you mean my last name?

Sylvia: Well, in Asia, we call the second name, the family name. Your family name is Jones.

Tyler: Oh, okay, because the whole family has the same name so you call it family name.

Sylvia: Something like that.

Tyler: In Western countries, we call it the last name because it comes after our first name, so, where I come from, Jones is my last name.

Sylvia: So, Wang is my last name and family name.

Tyler: And Jones is my family name AND last name...I got it.

Sylvia: So, you go to this school too?

Tyler: Yeah, hey, didn't I see you last week with Rachel?

Sylvia: Rachel? Oh, Rachel Skylar?

Tyler: Yes, she's a friend of mine from last year.

Sylvia: Oh, okay, Her and I have the same math class. Sometimes we study together. She's really smart!

Tyler: She's smart alright and funny too! Does she still tell a lot of jokes?

Sylvia: Sometimes, like the one about the tiger and the clown and how they went to McDonald's and ordered a Big Mac and french fries?

Tyler: That's such a funny one!

Sylvia: Oh, hey, Tyler, I have to go to my next class.

Tyler: Yeah, me too. Say hi to Karen for me, will you?

Sylvia: Sure, okay, have a good day, see you around.

Tyler: Yeah, you too, bye.

1) Begin use of formal titles for adults, both genders, and why (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss).
2) Review introductions to each other.
3) Review saying goodbye.
4) Continue use of you're, isn't, that's, wouldn't, how's, etc.