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By Sir George Webbe Dasent

O NCE upon a time there was a lad who went out to woo him a wife.
Among other places he came to a farmhouse, where the household were
little better than beggars; but when the wooer came in they wanted to
make out that they were well to do, as you may guess. Now the husband
had got a new arm to his coat.

"Pray, take a seat," he said to the wooer; "but there's a shocking dust
in the house."

So he went about rubbing and wiping all the benches and tables with his
new arm, but he kept the other all the while behind his back.

The wife she had got one new shoe, and she went stamping and sliding
with it up against the stools and chairs saying, "How untidy it is
here! Everything is out of place!"

Then they called out to their daughter to come down and put things to
rights; but the daughter she had got a new cap; so she put her head in
at the door, and kept nodding and nodding, first to this side and then
to that.

"Well! For my part, She said, I can't be everywhere at once."

Aye! Aye! That was a well-to-do household the wooer had come to.

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